Solved how to target player on Bossshops

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Crimm_Reaper, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Quckly setting up a rankup shop so over time using points you can get yourself the next rank:

    ShopName: Spells
    DisplayName: '&4&lRankups'
    text: '[Rankups]'
    NeedPermissionToCreateSign: true
    RewardType: command
    PriceType: points
    Price: 2000
    - pex user >player< group set stone <-----------(the command I want is in this line!)
    - type:WRITTEN_BOOK
    - amount:1
    - name:&4Rank Stone
    - 'lore:&8Gives you Stone rank! #&cPrice: 2000 points'
    - hideflags:ALL
    Message: '&eYou are now stone rank!'
    InventoryLocation: 1
    ExtraPermission: ''

    The problem is that >player< <player> and {player} do not work, so I have no idea how to target the player XD This is quickly hacked together, and it sets a user by the amazing name of <player> >player< or {player} to stone, instead of me when I test it... anyone know how to target players in bossshop commands?
  2. ok so it wasnt [player] or player by itself..... BUT looking threw the plugin... as last time I had a problem and came here being obsessive as I am... I found it! it was %player%