How to transfer big servers between hosts

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  1. Hi is there any way to transfer big servers with a lot of files between hosts quickly? Cause rn I'm trying to transfer my server and the first step was to transfer all the files into my PC and than transfer it into the new FTP account, and it takes A LOT of time.

    Is there any better way to do it ?
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    When I moved to my current host they transferred all of my files from my old host for me. All I had to do was open a ticket requesting them to do so. And of course provide them with the neccessary credentials.
  3. wait what? is that something that hosting sites usually do ?
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    I don't know if it is standard practice since I have only used two hosts. But I would imagine any good host would do it. Especially since they are taking your business from a competitor. I suppose some may charge a fee. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
  5. Any host that you'd want to use will do this for you for free. If they don't, you don't want to use them anyway.

    However, I strongly suggest making your own copy on your own PC, in case something goes wrong.

    EDIT: Don't forget MySQL databases, if any.
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  6. It is pretty standard for a hosting provider to migrate for free.
  7. Usually, it's just a bit of extra service and not a standard. Doing for free that's just a service but there are some that offer migration at a cost.
  8. you do not need to move your files into your pc, just use scp command (this is only available if you're using a VPS or similar, if you aren't, then well your server isn't supposed to be big)
    also have written all commands for all program installations in a text file

    I transfer my huge server (16 gamemodes) + a few other servers on the network every month, I get transfer done within a hour if I focus on it, it's 11gb compressed
  9. But what if you're switching from an MC shared host to a different shared host? I'm just keeping that in mind for the OP
  10. then yup it's download... upload..
  11. All the hosts I've looked at will do it for you. For example, from Bisecthosting:

    Moving over existing server files
    If your files are located on your old host's server:
    Visit our submit a ticket page found here, and open up a new support ticket with FTP information for your old server. We will need the IP, username, and password for your old server's FTP access. This way we can access your files and move them directly server to server.
  12. We just zip up (`zip -0r`) the server, get a ~150gb zip, then run it on through rsync between the servers. Easy, fast, and you can leave it in screen/tmux/whatever overnight.