How to Update to 1.12

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  1. Sorry, if you see this question alot. I have tried watching video on buildtools and read the wiki on spigot on how to do it. I just cant get my self to do it right. I have a server from SoYouStart and runs on ubuntu. I use multicraft as my panel host. Currently the server is 1.11 and would like to go to 1.12 I just dont know if im suppose to install buildtools on my pc and update it? or like on my SoYouStart server or on multicraft panel. So if someone could pm and try to walk me through it that would greatly be appreciated. Sorry I dont know what Im doing. Im just trying to learn
  2. You'll probably want to download BuildTools on your PC. To build Spigot, please follow this tutorial. Scroll down to where it says "Windows Prerequisites" and start from there.

    Edit: Make sure you use this command to build it, otherwise you'll get 1.11.2
    Code (Text):
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.12
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  3. I do it on my server, it's significantly quicker than doing it on my PC it's the same thing either way though. Make sure you use --rev 1.12 because 1.11.2 remains the default version (i.e. if you don't specify a version, 1.11.2 will be used).
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