How to use a domain for a website and server

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  1. Hello, im wondering how to point my domain to both my minecraft server and forums. So it would look like this, forums: <domain>.com
    server: play.<domain>.com

  2. 1. Buy your domain name
    2. Change name servers to those of your webhost. Chances are you can find a guide on your host's site
    3. Create a sub-domain play.<domain>.com through your domain panel (wherever you purchased the domain from)
    4. Direct that sub-domain to your server IP. I believe you will need a dedicated IP. The sub-domain settings should be on your domain panel after you've made the sub-domain.

    I can get you a more in-depth walk-through if you'd like, and get screenshots. Hopefully the above info is enough.
  3. You should buy a domain and web hosting. Once that's purchased, go to your DNS settings, create a A record, and point it to your serverIP. That is if It's on the default port (25565), if so, make a SRV record.
  4. Use CloudFlare DNS (faster, better)
    Make an @ record pointing to your VPS that you host your site off of.
    Make a record called play that points to your Minecraft instance.
    These are "A" records by the way.
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  5. And don't forget to click the orange cloud on your "www" and "@" records :p

    (CloudFlare is bae)
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