Solved How to use dependencies in 1.7.10

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  1. Hello,

    i want to create a plugin for a minecraft server with some mods, and i need to create a plugin with a worldguard dependency, but i can't found an 1.7.10 bukkit/spigot version for Maven, i'm not experimented with dependencies, but i want to understand them.

    How to use dependencies with 1.7.10 ?
  2. So in your config.yml you need to have the plugin in the depends array.
    Code (Text):

    main: com.bitsec.Votifier.Votifier
    name: BitsecVotifier
    version: 1.0
    author: Ramon Robben
    description: A better plugin for vote rewards. It even has its own configurator
    depends: [Votifier]
    If you are using eclipse you have to right click the project. Then go to Java Build Path and add the plugin as an external Jar.
    So click Add External Jars and then add the worldguard plugin.

    Now I'm not entirely sure how it would work with Maven but this is also pretty easy to do.
  3. Oh ok, thanks guy ! you save my day !