How to Use HikariCP in EclipseIDE

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  1. I believe the title already say everything.
    How can I use HikariCP in Eclipse IDE like in Maven Repositories?
  2. Are you asking how to use Maven in Eclipse, or how to add the HikariCP dependency?
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  3. This is not a resource, stop using this tag I’ll get mad
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  4. Add the hakari dependencies and also how to use maven in eclipse
  5. Sorry brodmo I'm using my phone I might clicked the wrong type
  6. Give it a Google and report back how you went. Both of your questions are extensively covered. :)
  7. I mean, I have searched but they say to create a maven project to eclipse, but I have already my coded project and I just need to add to my project an mysql database, that's why I need to use hakari.
    I believed it was like adding in main class
    Import hakari.... to then use it
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  8. Is your project a maven project? If not, convert your project to a maven project. If yes, add the dependency and you're good to look up how to use hikari
  9. If you've already got the maven project created, then all you need to do is modify the pom.xml file. Add the HikariCP dependency as follows:
    Code (Text):
    If you are unfamiliar with Maven, don't dive in and struggle, learn it first. :)
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  10. Thanks for the Support, I have converted the project into a Maven Project but eclipse bugged the now I have downloaded Maven directly
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  12. You don't want a bugged project. Do what you can to fix it, making workarounds could cause you headaches in the future. I would recommend switching to IntelliJ which I did at the start of this year and I am frustrated that I took so long to make the switch.
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  13. Right click on the project folder >> Maven >> Update project. If your pom.xml are correct, it will fix your build.
  14. 1 thing i don't like in IntelliJ: It doesn't show where is the error. In eclipse you can see all classes with errors.
  15. @Swiftlicious optimistic rating?.. okay *shrug*

    It definitely does. In case you missed an error whilst editing, there's a button that scans through the whole project and makes some great recommendations too
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