How To Use IPWhitelist & What it exactly does

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  1. im going to run a cracked server and i heart ipwhitelist is good for security, what it does ? there are 2 in spigot which one is the one used for bungeesecurity? how to use it ? i entered in server category at bungeecord config.yml and bungeecord is true in spigot.yml. i tried to install and use it and i entered my ip in the list and when i joined it didnt work ! please help
  2. A list of possible plugins to secure your backend spigot servers is at the bottom of this page:
    Please not however that it is recommended to use iptables on Linux as firewall instead of a plugin, and if you want to use a plugin for security, BungeeGuard provides more security if you are using shared hosts.

    If all your servers and bungeecord run on the same machine, just put in server-ip= in
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  3. You want to install IPWhitelist on each server running Spigot-- do not install it on the Bungeecord server.
    Once it's installed, simply connect to your Spigot server(s) through Bungeecord and run /ipwl setup. Then, reconnect to the server through Bungeecord and it will automatically set up the whitelist for you.

    What it does is grabs the IP address of the Bungeecord proxy and whitelists it. Then, it only allows connections through that whitelisted IP so users cannot connect to your Spigot servers from Bungeecord instances of their own.

    However, I would recommend SecuredNetwork, as IPWhitelist is susceptible to multiple crash methods. If you need help setting up SecuredNetwork, let me know, but I'll keep this reply to what you initially asked for.
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