Solved How To Use Players Heads In Plugins

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  1. So this might not be the right thread, and I'm not looking for code or anything, but I'm curious, how does one get player heads in a GUI menu, like when you open a GUI and there's a player head in every GUI slot for each player currently on the server or something?

    This is just a curiosity to me, I'm not doing any development with it.
  2. Choco


    Player skulls (in 1.12 and below) are of type Material#SKULL_ITEM with a byte data value of 3. From there, the SkullMeta may be used to set the owner based on its OfflinePlayer instance (or by name). SkullMeta#setOwningPlayer(OfflinePlayer). In 1.13+, similar process, but rather than SKULL_ITEM with byte data, it's just Material#PLAYER_HEAD with no data value at all. SkullMeta stays the same.
  3. That's actually really neat! Thank you!
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