How to use utf-8 symbols?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Ziunn, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Hi! I have the double right arrow symbol in one of my configs for chat management but it appears like this: Notice the Â.. How do I fix this.

    Before I started the server with the config, the line within the config was:
    suffix: '{usersuffix} &7» '
    After starting the server, in the config it automatically changed to:
    suffix: "{usersuffix} &7\xc2\xbb " <--- And it also shows a  ingame beside the two arrows.

  2. My guess is that it's the plugin's translation of the color code '&7' that's causing that. You could try replacing the '&' with '§'. That might work, however, it may be helpful for you to tell us what plugin you're using this with.
  3. I tried it with § and it didn't work. It used to work on my other host. Could it be a problem with windows encoding?
  4. I wouldn't think so, but I may be wrong. The problem seems like it would be more on the plugins side. What plugin are you using?
  5. DeluxeChat. Definitely not plugin side haha. The server host is using Windows and I heard theres lots of problems with windows servers :p
  6. Oh I've never used windows server before, I've always used Linux. Good luck figuring this out.