How, when and where are called Bukkit events

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  1. Hello people. Here I am again to post a (maybe???) useful resource.

    This time, I bring you a list containing how, when and where bukkit events are called (classes and methods).

    You can see it on my Gist:

    How are this can be useful? I don't know.
    You may want to know where the "PlayerItemHeldEvent" event originates, for example, and consult the list, press Ctrl F and search for "PlayerItemHeldEvent" to see all the classes and methods where the event is called and to understand more about it.

    Yes, I know this is not so readable for humans, so use Ctrl F!

    PS: sorry for my rusty english
  2. UPDATE: fixed return and param types + added how, when and where are called CraftEventFactory mega class methods.