How would i get more players on my server?

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How many people are on your server?

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  1. How do I get more players on my Minecraft server? If you do not know, what are some ideas?

    If you would like to help out please come join my discord for the server:
  2. Why don't you get input from whoever's already on your server? In the end, it's up to you to create something new and worth joining for.
  3. They do not know either but they still enjoy being on it with how supportive I am of it.
  4. My average people count is about 4 People and those people enjoy it. I just don't know how to get out there.
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    Ask the 4 players why they play on your server and what makes them enjoy it. Then focus on that and capitalize on that. You need to build a brand to attract the kinds of players you already have.
  6. That's a good one.
  7. Well, minecraft isnt that popular like it was back in its heyday. Many of the youtubers & streamers switched to fortnite - while we still have a considerable playerbase it isnt that big anymore.

    The advertisements you can place on the major minecraft portals are way too overpriced (since you barely get a fraction of what they got you back in the heyday, but the price didnt change) ... Still. For getting a "large" playerbase there really isnt any alternative - spend hundreds (to thousands.) in advertisement, then you might get a good few dozen players ... if they stick along is an entirely difrernte question.
  8. Thank you. I wish it wasnt sad
  9. Do advertising. Make it pay2win
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  10. Advertisement. Find content creators to produce videos/streams on your server.