How would this CPU do in server hosting ?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by DrMoose, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. I can get a deal for an AMD FX-8320 and a 970 Mobo (ASUS M5A97) for possibly under 100 Euros. If i get this deal, how large of a server i can run ? ( Lets say - 32 gigs of ram ) I just want to know what this CPU will be able to take.
  2. For a single server, it's not that good. It would be better for a network.
  3. If i get it, ill be running a KCauldron server on it with 100+ mods and 30+ plugins.

    All for self-entertainment ofc
  4. Also, why 100+ mods and 30+ plugins? There are ALOT of mods that me and my friend wants in the server, the same with plugins. Ive got some of my own plugins and skripts ill put into it too, so it has to handle all of this. Mostly we use OreSpawn, TragicMC and mods like these, which add like 20+ new dimensions and ALOT of mobs.
  5. If the mods are able to do most of their tasks async, sure. But getting an 8 core CPU and then saying "I'm only going to use one core" is not really logical.

    It's a relatively powerful CPU though, so I'd have thought you would be okay.
  6. Now im even having trouble POSTing the board, it doesnt even turn on on its stock settings.
  7. Looks like im not getting the deal, or atleast the mobo, according to my Post Code Detection Card, the BIOS is dead.
  8. That's a good mid-range board, you could have just gotten a DOA; It happens.

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