HTML and CSS projects?

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  1. Hi there.

    I've been a Java Developer for over 3 years now, and I've come really far, so I think it's time to expand my knowledge to HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. although I find it very hard to get projects that fit my current level, as I get stuck places where I can't fix the problem.

    So basically I'm asking if any of you can come up with some simple projects that I can make to train myself. I currently know the basics of HTML and CSS, although I'm a bit confused how the correct way to align the HTML in code (when to use divs and when not, what items should be in what order etc).

    I hope you can help me just a bit :)

    Thanks for your time! ;)
  2. Mas


    Making a personal site for yourself is always a good one.
  3. I'd recommend that as well :)
  4. Practice doing some Kata's using html/js/css. Aside from that, make yourself a really nice Resume but in a website using html/js/css. Should be fun and useful as well.
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