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  1. Hello all,
    I am using to run my MC Server.
    They have a plugins tab, which I have used...I have come across the TELECOM Plugin, I've also downloaded all required plugins too from there and had it added successfully to my server.
    I have used it, so far it is only allowing me to make a carrier, which I have.
    It isn't allowing me to make a TOWER - To get SIGNAL AT ALL, No matter what, whatever block I look at or how I look at it, I do the command it says it can't find the target block, I can verify I am deffo looking at block.
    I am using JAVA 1.8 cos when I go to my MC Launcher it says 1.8 Un named Installation - As I added it to try use this.
    Can anyone please help? How do I fix this?

    P.S I have downloaded it from this website now, but nothing happened... Do I have to download an additional thing now to actually access the plugin itself and also download the plugin to my server and try the one from this server? Finally, if any of you guys want a photo (file uploaded), please let me know!
  2. Does it give you an error in the console?
  3. Try asking Minehut for support. From what I googled, Minehut seems to be a server hosting platform.