/hub and /spawn wont work

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  1. I do not know if this is a BungeeCord problem or a plugin problem but when I type /spawn or /hub it says I do not have permission when I am owner rank it still gives NO Permission. The plugin for /hub is a bungeecord plugin called Pixelhub and the /spawn plugin is essentialsspawn (a spigot plugin) there is no error in the console but I just can't type /hub or /spawn and I want to know why is that

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  2. Type /pex user (ur ign) add *
    if ur using PermissionsEX,
    other wise just /op (ur ign)
  3. I literally have EVERY Perm + OP and it still won't work
  4. Ahh. but have you enableld them in the bungeecord settings? Those also require permissions and enabling :)
  5. SteelPhoenix


    Do you have permissions on the bungee proxy?
  6. Yes it still wont work
  7. added the perm to Default and Admin