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  1. I've been running a strictly Factions-based PVP server off and on for the past year. My playerbase are sort of burnt out on it and are looking for something else. Some people still want to play Factions but with smaller Factions (2-5 people) but others want to play survival and mini-games. Is it worth the time, effort, headaches of creating a portal/hub with BungeeCord (like so many popular networks out there now) or just create seperate servers? I'm afraid of splitting the community across the various servers. They are used to lots of people on 1 server. They won't play on a server if they are only 5 people on it.
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    If you're going to have mulitple servers, I'd definitely suggest using Bungee to tie them all together. But "combine" servers whenever possible; having 6 separate servers with 5 people on each is way worse than having 2 servers with 15 on each.
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    Agreed with the above statement, I am seeing so many servers with 25 max players with 4-5 servers in a network.
  4. Yes, I agree the whole network thing really should be for already established large communities/playerbases. Start with one server and go from there. I will most likely stick with one type of server. Thanks.