Bungee - Spigot Hub Compass 2.0

Compass used to switch between bungee servers!

  1. goats123123456 submitted a new resource:

    LobbyCompass - Right click the compass to go to servers!

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  2. Hey, I found this plugin helpful thanks!
  3. Your Welcome!
  4. There is already a well established plugin Called LobbyCompass on Bukkit.org
    It is a Muti-tool for Multiverse and Mini-Game server navigation. ( not Bungeecord compliant )

    Perhaps you should change the name of this plugin.

    This Compass is for Bungeecord server navigation.
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  5. It does now use bungeecord as of about a day ago.
  6. I would reccomend a name like BungeeCompass. It would be greatly appreciated as we already have a well established name
  7. How do I give players the compass via command block?
  8. Hi there. I am not sure if you are still active or not, but would you mind releasing/PMing me the source code for this? Can't figure out how to force items in a players hotbar upon join.
  9. This plugin works