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  1. Hello everyone,
    I own a pretty big server with 250 - 300 players on it at one time.
    Lately I have been struggling with lag issues.
    It seems that my HG server, which is also the server that gets the most players, is lagging.
    I have allocated 14 Gb to it out of my 32 GB ram, and it has 70-100 players online at the same time.

    I have 24 plugins and 11 worlds.
    When the lag happens, 20 + players leave the HG server. After around 3-5 minutes the lag stops and it continues to be fine for quite some time.
    Can the SG plugin or garbage collection cause this lag?

    Thanks for any help that I receive.

    I can't make any timings right now, it says Error pasting timings.
  2. Perhaps a list of plugin?
    starup script?
    /worldguard report -p
    bukkit.yml &
    Using bungee?
    start up parameters:
    -server -Xmx13G -Xms2500M -Xincgc -XX: + ParallelGCThreads=3

    I use bungee.
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  4. You didn't actually gave me all the info I wanted.
  5. If you want to look at my bukkit.yml and
    My start-up script won't make a difference as it just allocates ram to the server and starts it up with the parameters that I specify.
  6. Connection-throttle should be set to -1

  7. From what I understand, the connection-throttle is the delay before a client is allowed to connect again after a recent connection attempt. How will this help the lag on my HG server?
  8. You obviously haven't read the bungee topic.
  9. There should be a reading test before people can download bungee and set it up -_-
  10. I changed it to -1.
    The server will need to restart, so I can only tell you if this helped tomorrow.
    And trust me - I know how to read. -_-
  11. Its just a good amount of people make the same mistake you made, and then proceed to argue with the people who know how to do this instead of quietly listening to them....
  12. lol, luckily I just listened to you guys ^_^
  13. Hello everyone,
    It seems like my whole CPU is getting used when the server lags.
    This is because Bungee starts using 1/2 of the machines CPU.
    The server doesn't lag when Bungee starts using 1/5 of the CPU.
    My CPU: E3- 1270, My ram: 32 GB
    Is there any way to reduce the CPU usage of Bungee?

    I also put the -1 connection-throttle, but the servers are still lagging because of this.
  14. [​IMG]

    Also, can I somehow disable the writing of locations.yml for bungee and the logging of every connected/disconnected to the screen?

  15. md_5

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    Haven''t even told us what Bungee version.
  16. output of /bungee command -

    I now updated to the latest version of BungeeCord (build #352)
    I'll update you guys soon on whether it helps or not!
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  17. I am sorry to say that Bungee is using 450% of the CPU again and all of the servers are lagging.
    Is there any way to reduce the amount of CPU usage that bungee uses? I really don't think it should be using as much CPU as it is now.
    It continues to lag for around 5 minutes and then goes back down to 150% of the CPU. This stops the lag.

    What can be causing so much CPU usage?

  18. Get a better CPU.