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  1. Hello,

    I'm in the need for finding a good plugin to use for my server which is based from 1.8x - 1.9x
    I have tried multiple plugins which can do this but they're either full or don't work well with other versions
    or are quite outdated.

    Features which would be nice:
    - /hub or /lobby etc.
    Multiple lobby support.
    1.8x/1.9x Support
    On join Message
    Server selector
    Other hub features, you get the drift xd

    Do you have a hub plugin which I could maybe try?
    Let me know below, thanks!

    Plugins tried already:
    Hub basics (1.9x only, older versions bugged)
    Hub+ (Too many errors, no 1.9x support)
    Superhub (Outdated)
  2. SuperHub is the best plugin to do that.
    It works for me, but you need to set it up.
    And your server need to be in online mode, not for cracked servers.
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  3. Hm I'll give it a try :3
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  4. For the /lobby and /hub commands I can recommend my Lobbymanager.
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  5. UltraCosmetics
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