Hub Server Lag Sometimes? Normal or Upgrade?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by KevinEssence, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. I have the server hub and bungee server that run off this box along with 3 other servers:
    Xeon E5620 Processor
    48 GB ECC DDR3 (80GB with flip switch)
    64GB Samsung 830 Series SSD
    5 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)
    CentOS 64 Bit (Latest Stable)

    My Hunger Game servers are being ran off this box:
    Hunger Games will be on the:
    E31270 Version 2 Processor
    16GB DDR3 RAM (32GB with flip switch)
    64GB SSD
    5 TB Transfer (1 Gbps Uplink)

    CentOS Linux operating system

    In total I have 11 servers not including bungee and the hub. Now I do notice hub lag with around 100-150 players on the hub server. Is there anything in my specs I can possibly upgrade to prevent this, or is it normal for the hub? Thanks!
  2. Got my answer, thanks!
  3. What was your answer? I'm having similar problems.
  4. In the end a box upgrade for my first box as my current box isn't ideal for my hub server and 3 other servers on that box due to them being heavily single threaded. The box is also very outdated. We will be moving from the E5620 to the E31270 v3. You can view the CPU Benchmarks here: