Spigot Hub Vanish - Lag stop 1.6

Hub Vanish - Remove the players in your hub from 'Tab and in game'

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    Hub Vanish - Hub Vanish Players off Tablist and ingame

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  2. Does this support VanishNoPacket players?

    I used a MagicClock plugin that was pretty outdated, and when staff members were vanished, a player could reveal vanished staff by hiding and then revealing players.
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  3. Yes its dos :)
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  4. Players have hidden players if the players can see again later entrants . I 'm glad you fix ^^
  5. Good plugin! ;D :)
  6. the Player IGN can hide in Player Tab list too??
  7. How i can change the message? I have a italian server so i want translate it to italian
  8. And if i toggle off and later toggle on it don't show me the player who are just online but only the new