hub with authme....very low TPS.and bad me ~~~~(>_<)~~~~

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    i use authme. and have about 450 player online.[BC]
    authme only work on hub
    and i use mysql =A= when i get 400+ player online. hub will became low tps.
    don't why.
    if u can help me .

    【i try change mysql/server. but can't fix ...i try use new authme . but still can't fix this ..
    i try clear all mysql DB.and....can't fix....please help me .it's make me crazy】
  2. i had same issues before, best way how to fix is making 2 hubs, and every 1 hour automatic switch hub and restart server!
  3. thanks..i try it
  4. i
    now i use 3 hub.and use random hub..
    but when online 400+.
    it will low TPS still.....
  5. Authme and SuperPerms are making the TPS drop, mainly when players join the server.
  6. i try crazylogin.. but still hub will became low TPS
  7. Tux


    Remove PermissionsEx, replace with zPermissions
  8. i don't think it will work.....because other 28servers with PermissionsEx TPS is good...
  9. Tux


    It will work. I've seen people replacing it and getting much-improved server performance.
  10. i try delete permissionsex. but it's problem still.....
  11. anyone can help me ??????
  12. [​IMG]