Bungee - Spigot HubBasics 6.11.9

HubBasics gives you some basic features to customize your hub/lobby/spawn area

  1. Hello I was just wondering if you could remove the flying dragon in the world its so annoying! but thanks really much anyways this is an awesome plugin.
  2. You can remove it in the config under BossBar
  3. That dragon is from BarAPI ( A non-required addon ), it's used to display the boss bar message.
  4. Hello @Fabricio20 , I know you are probably very busy, but I found a bug with the Double Jump. After changing worlds with Multiverse, you still have one Double Jump left! Can you make a fix? My players are abusing it!

    Thanks! :)
  5. I'm also having this issue, also the thing that teleports you up to the hub after falling into the void. It does what the hub on join used to do, where it doesn't go to 0.5 64 0.5 it goes to 0 64 0. Small fix, but I'm sure a developer like you can fix it easily :p Great plugin and can't wait to see the gadgets!
  6. Lol, I thought I've fixed this on the lasts 10 updates. Are you sure u are using the latest version? I'm gonna check it againg! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Gonna check that!
  8. The hub on join feature goes to 0.5 64 0.5. /hub goes to 0.5. But if I fall into the void it just teleports me to 0 64 0. Running the latest version. And I know you fixed the other 2 not working with this, but not this one. :)
  9. Hi, How I can use launchpads
  10. You need to enable them on config and then add the world name to the worlds section. Also they don't work with GameMode Creative.
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  11. If you come on my server I can show you the triple jump problem I don't think its lag.
    Ip down below
  12. Ok, I've just joined, yeah now I see the problem, dunno what is causing it thought, gonna take a look.
  13. I'm going to do a bungeecord version of this plugin, this kind of systems ( friends and gangs [ or clans ] ) are more to bungee-cord based servers.
  14. Fabricio20 updated HubBasics with a new update entry:

    *hope* Fixed Triple Jump Problem!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  15. Still able to triple jump :(
  16. Good Plugin, but the warp system definitely needs an update! Because you don't face in the direction in which you looked at when you set the warp.
    So it definitely needs that feature where you can conigure in which way you face when get warped.
  17. That's strange man, I've tested it againg on your server and can triple jump, on my server there's no triple jump problem. I think it's something related or to lag or to the blocks on your spawn, like, the only way to make a player not able to double jump is if he is in air, so the solution is to check if the block under him is air, if it's not, then double jump. But if it's a Grass/Fern block then he will still be able to double jump.