Hubessentials Problem

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  1. Hello, I am trying to configure the ServerConnecter.yml file inside of the Hubessentials folder But When I go ingame the compass shows a sword that says Line1, line2, and line3 But I Edited it to Say and do different Here is the ServerConnecter.yml.
    #Hub 1.2.0
    ######SERVER SELECTOR#####
    #Servername: Name item will display. Serverdescription: The lore the item will have (Text under the item). Command: The command the player will use when they select an item, example: /server pvp. Use & and a color code for colors. Server Item Type = The item it will be use (Item ID)
    #Item slot
    ServerSelectorItemSlot: 3
    #Server Selector enabled?
    ServerSelector: true
    #Command or bungee? Command will replace Server(Number)Name
    Command: true
    #In what inventory slot should the compass be in by default?
    ServerSelectorSlot: 1
    ServerSelectorDisplayName: '&3&lServer Selector'
    ServerSelectorTitle: '&bChoose Your Pathway'
    ServerSelectorItemType: COMPASS
    #Server1 (First item)
    Server1DisplayName: '&eSurvival'
    Server1Description: 'Click me to enter Surival'
    Server1Name: '&aSurvival'
    Server1ItemType: TORCH
    Command: '/server Survival'
    #Server2 (Second item)
    Server2DisplayName: ''
    Server2Description: ''
    Server2Name: ''
    Server2ItemType: AIR
    #Server3 (Third item)
    Server3DisplayName: '&fMine&bT&cT&aT'
    Server3Description: 'Click me to enter MineTTT'
    Server3Name: '&cMinettt'
    Server3ItemType: TNT
    Command: '/server Minettt'
    #Server4 (Fourth item)
    Server4DisplayName: ''
    Server4Description: ''
    Server4Name: ''
    Server4ItemType: AIR
    #Server5 (Fifth item)
    Server5DisplayName: '&aSurvival Games'
    Server5Description: 'Click me to enter Survival Games'
    Server5Name: '&fHungergames'
    Server5ItemType: MAP
    Command: '/server Hungergames'
    #Server6 (Sixth item)
    Server6DisplayName: ''
    Server6Description: ''
    Server6Name: ''
    Server6ItemType: AIR
    #Server7 (Seventh item)
    Server7DisplayName: ''
    Server7Description: ''
    Server7Name: ''
    Server7ItemType: AIR
    #Server8 (Eighth item)
    Server8DisplayName: ''
    Server8Description: ''
    Server8Name: ''
    Server8ItemType: AIR
    #Server9 (Nineth item)
    Server9DisplayName: '&cMore Servers Coming Soon'
    Server9Description: 'The server development is coming along Nicely'
    Server9Name: ''
    Server9ItemType: REDSTONE
  2. There are random quotations in your configuration file. Remove them.