Spigot HubPvPSword [BETA] 1.0.0

Best Hub 'PvP Sword' Plugin ..

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    HubPvPSword [ULTIMATE] - Best Hub 'PvP Sword' Plugin ..

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  2. can u add armor
  3. I've Add Them :p
  4. Ok. I will explain it here)
    "But I think, you should add auto-disabling after a specified amount of time and command to reload the plugin in-game :)"
    I mean cooldown on disabling PvP
  5. And one more. It would be great, If you can add Enable-Disable PvP by Shift + Hold Block, just like in the Hub 3
  6. i will do that!
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  7. add cooldown aswell and sound effects when on and off. and option like toggle sword on/off by right clicking. nice plugin btw!

    Edit: also add messages delay so players wont spam messages when they keep right clicking.

    Edit: also fix the bug when a player logged in/spawn the server without toggling PvP sword he/she gets damage from a player whos PvP sword is enable.


    As you can see here im on PvP mode and the other guy I just hit is just a newly joined/spawned player. That guy can also damage me as well just by punching.
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