Spigot HubThat 10.1.184

a hub for one world, a spawn for each world!

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    HubThat - a hub for one world, a spawn for each world.

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  2. Nice plugin thanks!
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  3. good plugin :)
    but I do not see why you put in Bungee - Bukkit category? it's 100% bukkit plugin
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  4. Yes, i know it's 100% Bukkit, but apparently the category "Teleportation" under "Bukkit" is not present. Thanks for the warning, i change it now!
  5. It would be nice if you set a delay also try to make them disable to move when they type /spawn or /hub or if they move the command would not work like essentials spawn plugin.
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  6. AWSOME i made a vi for it and i am wondering if you would like to feature it!
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  7. I quote what i have already said to another user.
    "Sorry if I did not answer right away.
    The last months I left a bit from Java.
    Soon I will release an update with new features.
    Thanks for the advice!"
  8. I love you. Thanks so much.
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    Huge Update! Teleport Delay, Languages Support!

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  10. Hey guys! Brand new Update! This afternoon i started working and now i have done! I added all that you have requested, ha ha!
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    MANY Bug Fixes!

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  12. how can i fix this bug?

  13. have you modified the config file?
    is the plugin up to date?
    can you send me that part of the config?
  14. Perfect
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  15. Avi


    Hey, this is a really good plugin! The 1.8 version is good but the "language.yml" is a weird code i don't know. If someone knows how to but colours or remove the old symbols in can they tell me?
    Thanks, Avi.
  16. Simply instead of & put ยง.
    Here are the Color Codes.
    This is your problem, right?
  17. lol7344 updated HubThat with a new update entry:

    Improved Security!

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  18. Does this plugin do anything besides set warp points and add aliases to them? I don't see any functionality to manage worlds or link them, or load a separate world for the hub. The only thing it seems to have is an overly verbose lang.yml "config" and the ability to set a warm-up time. There's not even any functions to go between worlds... you go to the hub, then what? If I had warps set up to go to each world already, this plugin serves even less purpose.

    Also, I'm not even sure why the plugin sets the spawn for each world if you can't go there from anywhere except the same world.

    Honestly, I was disappointed with this plugin in every way possible. I was hoping for some sort of hub management, maybe a separate space outside the maps to link to them all, or tie them together in some way. What I got was an annoying message overwriting my existing /spawn command, and I lost a half hour of my life trying to figure out what this thing even did.

    PS. The spawn alias is a bad command to use, it's already in use by whichever real plugin is managing the worlds.