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  1. But then he realized it wasn't...
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  2. Oh I see that now, my mistake.
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  3. Patch all LFI and RFI to prevent RCE.
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  4. If this was a home hosted server, you could probably look in your firewall/router logs to find their real ips.

    However it is not home hosted (I typed the server ip into a geolocation service which replied with OVH)
  5. I honestly started laughing when i saw the first post

    But really block your ports expect from the bungeecord
  6. What the hell why do you get ratings?!?!? I worked so hard and you just mooched off my hard work. Lol jk ily
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  7. JamesJ


    Because I'm awesome :3

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    Take my pity ratings.
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  9. XD your a good man
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  10. Muuuusst refraaaainnn frooom trooooooll, arargrhghgh too late!!! hehe :) sry
  11. Oh God, they will hack our life

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  12. This has been known for a while. They fixed it in 1.9.4 i think?

    Ever since the EULA was enforced, users have been abusing the system claiming their part of Mojang. #2014Years
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  14. Vagdedes


    They are changing a lot of things in the EULA in the last few months. Thats also why a lot of servers got blocked
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  15. Switch to Google ._.
  16. This has nothing to do with anything about this thread.
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    Ok, sorry
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  18. This Thread is a bad episode of annoying orange....
  19. I forgot annoying orange still existed