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Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by 43Rockstarr, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I am just about to open my new server and was testing bans. I noticed all the users have the same IP, so when I ban one player's IP it bans everyone. How do I fix this to make it their true IP? I have IP forwarding set to true in the bungee config and bungeecord set to true in the spigot.yml files on each server. Please help! Thank you!

  2. Look for their real ip in essentials folder userdata. search their uuids. The ips that come with /seen I believe are their public ips.
  3. Simply put, use the ip forwarding option in bungee.
  4. I did, and it still shows my IP for their IP. Even when I do /seen.
  5. Try using my tactic?
  6. Still shows my IP in the userdata and when I do /seen. :(
  7. If you enable ip forwarding on bungee you also need to enable the bungeecord option in spigot.yml.
  8. I did and it still shows my IP.
  9. Post ur config of bungee. Possibly an error there.
  10. do you enable "bungee" in spigot.yml?
  11. Yep.
  12. Restart all of your instances.
  13. x_L


    Are you using any sort of DDoS protection tunnel? What's your host?
  14. Do you mean restart every server and Bungee?
  15. No, I do not have a hoster.
  16. x_L


    Then do what everyone else said.
    1. Stop your server, all of it, even bungee.
    2. Go into bungee's config.yml, and enable ip-fowarding.
    3. Go into your spigot server folders, go into spigot.yml, and enable bungeecord = true
    4. Save all of step 2 and 3.
    5. Start your servers, should work.
  17. Yes. Which host are you hosting?
  18. This worked, thank you! :D
  19. x_L


    No problem :)