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  1. Let's say you want massive world maps for a Survival server with several dimensions and you pregenerate those worlds before releasing your server.

    1. Will there still be slow world loading / lag if it is using an HDD storage system instead of SSD?

    2. Is it possible to have the server files on SSD but the world folders being on HDD?

    I'm considering buying a dedicated server but many dedicated servers (such as some OVH ones) will offer, say, 450 GB on SSD and 1TB+ on HDD. Or two 450 GB SSDs, for example. I assume it is impossible to split a server between two storage devices..?

    Also, for those servers that have massive, or unlimited, world maps, how do they do it? I assume they still have to create server backups regularly? I don't see how someone could create backups regularly if their worlds are 100GB+ in size. Plus transferring hosts if needed (or similar) is out of the question.. Maybe colocating with their own hardware? Unfortunately, my max budget is ~$100 / month so that is likely out of the question as I can't afford to build a new computer atm.

    Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. OVH, Use their Raid 1 NVMe SSDs, their servers come with 500 GB of backup space. Yes but your whole server on NVMe as it will drastically improve performance. Google Drive has 2 TB backup space for $10 a month.
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  3. Backups of large file systems are generaly managed as... if file has changed, save changed file only. And Recovery is load Base files + (required) changed files.

    It sounds pretty much that you have a long way to go in the learning process?

    Plus, knowing how it is done, and having the skills to do it, is two very different things.
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  4. Ah okay. Thanks.

    Ah okay. Yeah I do that for backing up my own files but I'm doing it manually and on Windows. I have no clue how someone would go about it on Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS automatically on a timer. Know of any tutorials of this by any chance?

    Yes, I do have much to learn and learning how it is done is the first step to learning how to actually do it.

    I have always used Minecraft hosts until now because they served my purposes. But now I'm learning how to create a modpack and would like to be able to host a heavily modded server with 15-20 players at peak times with minimal lag. A very large task to take on and learning how to use a dedicated server is one of the requirements. :p But I have wanted to learn this for a very long time so if you have any links for tutorials I'd greatly appreciate them. :)