Hunger Issue

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  1. So one of my players on my server came to me saying they are not losing hunger. I hopped on my alt to see this for myself and yeah my hunger is not being lost. I'm going through my plugins and I cannot find it what so ever. I know I have adjusted the hunger settings in spigot.yml but that was way at the beginning. Roughly 2 months ago. I have not added any new plugins that would effect hunger but figure I would check them just to be sure and cant find anything. if anyone can help me figure this out it would be much appreciated, thanks!

    Plugins(49): TuxTwoLib, AsyncWorldEditInjector, PlugMan, Spawner, WorldEdit, PacketListenerApi, ChatReaction, Vault, PermissionsEx, Multiverse-Core, BarAPI, WorldGuard, FastCraft, AutoSort, Parkour, AnimatedMOTD-Bukkit, CoreProtect, ParticleTrails2, ChestShop, EZBlocks, ProtocolLib, GriefPrevention, LoginSecurity, Votifier, RandomTP, MobArena, mcMMO, GAListener, AreaShop, Essentials, Citizens, CommandSigns, AsyncWorldEdit, EssentialsProtect, LibsDisguises, EssentialsSpawn, SpeedRun, DeluxeChat, uCars, NoFlyZone, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, DeathChest, PhatLoots, uCarsTrade, CompatNoCheatPlus, InfoBoardReborn, MythicMobs, ActionAnnouncer, NoCheatPlus
  2. Wrong configured WorldGuard region?
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  3. Best way to fix most issues with plugins..

    Remove all plugins, did it fix it?

    Then add plugins one by one until it comes back and make sure to restart it and test!
  4. I already checked worldguard and don't see anything to do with hunger. Maybe I'm missing something. Also it's the whole server. Not just one area
  5. Did you bother to read what I said? If yes then it should help you Aton.
  6. Not home right now to access the server. And that's kind of a last resort thing for me. Concidering running a server where people are on all day. But yes I did read what you said and will do that if no other option. Thank you for your suggestion