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  1. I've been given permission from libraryaddict to continue this plugin:
    I've developed a few new features and i'm accepting suggestions.

    New features
    • Multi version uuid lookups
      • Are cached so you wont run into ratelimits
    • Spectating in 1.8 mode.
    • Payment Multipliers

    How to get access to the development builds
    1. Sign up for my ci server
    2. Create a post with proof that you have purchased LibsHungergames. Either:
      1. Create a review and provide a link
      2. Or take a screenshot of "watched resources" that includes your username.
        1. example
        2. In the screenshot you can see both my name and "FactionsTax"
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  2. @aianmoo16
    I've added the conecept of pay multipliers.
    What this does is when a player earns money they get it multiplied by their pay multiplier.
    For example "hungergames.paymultiplier.2" would double all payments.