Spigot HungerGames 3.3

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

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    HungerGames - Lightweight HungerGames Plugin

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  2. Like the Plugin! Is it possible to make it so when Worldedit is installed it uses the wand of world edit?
  3. Can you add Aliases for some commands?
    (after performing the leave command it says: You left Hungergames, can you change it to : "You left MapName" )
    ex.: "/hg leave " -> "/leave"

    If possible can you add a GUI when a player types "/hg join" so he doesn't have to go too the signs?

    For the Leave command:
    add in the HG.java file
    getCommand("leave").setExecutor(new leave());
    for the command:

    public boolean run() {
    Util.msg(player, "&cYou left Hungergames!");
    return true;
    (just the same thing as in the LeaveCmd)
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  4. Alright good ideas, i'll go ahead and try to add them in next update.
  5. Tank you very much!
  6. I have more suggestions:
    1)Can you also add a command "/hg removespawn", it will remove the spawnpoint where you are standing in.

    2) Can you make the signs custom? So the Owner makes a layout of the possible signs. (so removing the command: "/hg setlobbywall") and making a sign Listener,( the signs that are used now are the signs when performing "/hg setlobbywall"):

    Code (Text):
    line1: [hg]
    line2: info
    line3: <game>
    Code (Text):
    line1: [hg]
    line2: join
    line3: <game>
    Code (Text):
    line1: [hg]
    line2: game_info
    line3: <game>
    So if the layout for creation of a sign.
    Code (Text):
    line1: [hg]
    line2: <layout>
    line3: <game>
    2.1) add Placeholders so a player can customize the signs easier.

    3) can you make a something, that makes the player join a random map?
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  7. Is it for bungeecord?
  8. this plugin is for 1 server and that server can conect to Bungeecord
  9. Great to see someone take this on!! The only thing i felt the original missed was an end game deathmatch, you could basically run around the arena forever till it ended. Is a teleport to a defined deathmatch area for remaining players, something you could add? We switched plugins, but liked this one so much we would probably switch back :)
  10. Configuration page is outdated, I need to update/make a new one. The option is called "teleport-at-end: true" and it tp's all remaining players to spawn when the game is coming to a close.
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  11. Can you give the config where we can turn of broadcasting a game starting? Thanks
  12. The Wand Isnt Working When I Do /hg wand I Get It But I Cannot Select
  13. Server version??
  14. Are you in creative mode?
  15. can u update the signs. it's not accurate on the 2nd and 3rd signs. the join sign is fine.
  16. there needs to be a death match added at the same time.
  17. Yes I Am And My Server Version Is 1.8
  18. 1.8 Bro
  19. Some things in the configuration needs to be explained somewhere, for example
    max-team-size: 3
    What is a "team"?

    How do you do custom rewards? etc
  20. I think it pretty easy to figure it out..
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