Bukkit Hyperchat | Powerful Chat Management [Skript] [1.7-1.13] 1.1

Hyperchat provides powerful chat management with a massive amount of features.

  1. Hyperbyte updated Hyperchat | Powerful Chat Management [Skript] [1.7-1.13] with a new update entry:

    Improved staffchat, new prefix and suffix management

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  2. This looks like a copy of what I'm working on.
  3. Explain how this is a copy of what you're working on if this has been publicly available since 2015. The code is also completely different. Please do not accuse people of stealing things when I have never heard of you or seen you before, I have never seen any of your work and after looking through the Skript it is different in every way. Have you even looked at the Skript? Or are you just looking at the front page thinking that its a copy because you have intended to add these features but have never done it?
  4. Your Skript also doesn't really seem to do much other than change the colour of the chat.
  5. The next version includes more.... [Dev]
  6. Still doesn't explain why you think my Skript is a copy of yours when your Skript has barely any features whereas Hyperchat is a fully-featured Skript designed to work with existing chat plugins such as EssentialsChat. Please don't accuse others of copying when they have a finished product and you have barely a chat color Skript.

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