I am a bit confused??

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  1. Alright, i have a "shared service" minecraft hosting at pebblehost. Now, some ppl say you must go on "dedicated" it would be much better blablabla. and some ppl say you need to have 2-3GB ram for so few players otherwise memory leaks will happen etc. What do i need to do? I dont want any memory leaks, i dont want any crashes so what do i choose? Having a dedicated server with 32GB ram, or have a shared service with only 2-3GB ram, because im very confused of what people are saying. The one says too much GB willl cause memory leaks because much ram will be inactive. Others say you need Dedicated which gives me 32GB ram.....
  2. If you host works just fine with what you have its good. You wont get memory leaks from too many players or too much ram..

    too many players can lead to your memory possibly maxing from all the stored data which would eventually leading to the server "crashing" or force restarting basically (but not safely). Too much memory is just silly. Now you don't really want too much unused memory, its wasteful if anything.

    look for a host that suits your server and your player base. If you need more memory because you don't have enough consider upgrading. (best way to know if you don't have enough is if you find yourself maxing out memory, but make sure you don't actually have a memory leak first (generally/commonly caused by a poorly coded plugin)
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  3. but how do i know if a plugin is poorly coded? And thanks alot for your answer!
  4. one example of a possible memory leak is if you constantly fill memory with next to no one on, no ones exploring, but if you remove a plugin and it stops doing that for example.
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  5. sorry i dont really understand, fill memory with next to no one on?
  6. my english is a bit poor, its not ur fault :)
  7. Also, you can easily spot plugins that are using the a lot of resources with a timings report.

    A dedicated simply too much if you just want to run a server, this type of services are commonly used when you have a network with several servers. In the end, a dedicated server is a machine just for you.

    However, if you want to take the next step and move to something better than a shared plan, you could move to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), these ones are 1 piece of a machine that is separated into several pieces, you would have some of the resources (of the total resources the main server has) available to you. Using a VPS is for servers that have a decent amount of players, it can even run a bungee network with a few servers.

    Most of the cases using a shared plan will work just fine! You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a decent server. You just only need to make a decent optimize server and find a good hoster.

    What Fahlur is saying is that if a plugin is poorly coded, it will fill up your ram with no one on the server. This means that the plugin is just filling up memory with tasks that are not optimized at all.
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  8. Hey, ive read your message, thanks alot for the explaining!