I am a Spigot-noob

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  1. Hey there!
    I have been running Minecraft servers for a while.

    I have started to investigate Spigot.

    How do I know what pluggins work with Spigot? Can I assume any Craftbukkit compatible plugin works with Spigot?
    This is really my main question.
  2. All craftbukkit plugins should be compatible with Spigot.
  3. You will be fine using any craftbukkit plugins.
  4. Sounds great! So I just need to run Spigot in place of Craftbukkit and use my usual plug-ins and I am all set, correct?
    Does Spigot do anything else besides replace Craftbukkit? Beside the optimizations I mean?
    Thanks again
  5. Mikgreg


    There is a little grey box at the top right of the webpage. Read it ;p

  6. No, there is not, really. Oh wait. it is a Golden color! It tells me what it is in general, but I am asking if there are any specific features that I need to know about or if the transition from Craftbukkit to Spigott is going to be seamless.

    I am just making sure all I have to do is replace Craftbukkit with Spigott on my existing server and it should be a seamless transition.
  7. Why not just test things out on a test server..? You should never ever 'just' replace things on a production machine if you don't know if it'll work seamlessly or not.

    All plugins should be compatible and besides the optimizations Spigot also offers few additional features such as anti x-ray (ore obfuscation that is) and things like custom shutdown/whitelist messages.. Don't know for sure if that is already implemented on Bukkit or the official Minecraft server, I haven't used them for a while.
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  8. I tested with no load on the server. Spigot is using 3% CPU and 56% of RAM at rest. Craftbukkit 1.6.2 is using 1% CPU and 29% of RAM at rest. I will see how it goes when some players log in.
  9. You might want to tweak the arguments you give to java when running Spigot/Bukkit. That can really improve performance. You might also want to tweak bukkit.yml a bit when using Spigot to achieve optimal results. Above that, try doing some 'real world tests' cause that's far more important than some statistics like CPU and RAM usage when the server is idle (or at least, looks idle).

    Before I forget, also check out some of the threads on the forum on optimizing your server and Spigot :) A lot of great admins put their effort into getting their servers running as smoothly as possible, sharing their knowledge with other members, together tweaking settings till they get the best performance out of them :) It really helps!

  10. Going tweak hunting
  11. Yes, tweak the spigot.yml as you will find thing's such as Anti-Xray etc are also enabled by default in Spigot.