I bought a plugin but I can't download it?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Justforthefun, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Hey!

    I just bought the PermissionTimer plugin by @vk2gpz, but I can't download the file? I even have the transaction details in my PayPal activity of proof that I bought the plugin. Please help. I waited a while, but still, I can't download the plugin.

  2. Maybe it's kept on hold by PayPal. Check your email
  3. Did you even contact @v2kgpz before asking the public? You should take it to him, the guy you are purchasing from, not the public where people can criticize him.
  4. Checked, just sent me the receipt.

    I'll DM him now.
  5. You need to talk to PayPal since they are the one who put your payment in pending and started an investigation. I believe when they completed the investigation and found no issue, your download button will automatically enabled.
  6. Since this is a public thread for no reason. I will just contribute my experience with PayPal:

    Make sure the transaction is marked as "Completed", and nothing else. Unless it's completed both ways, you're out of the money, they have received the money and PayPal no longer has it on hold, or it's not being transferred from your bank to paypal first, or you need to validate your account, etc.. once it's actually marked as Completed, .. then it's worth checking why the download button isn't working. Which will only happen when it's actually a completed transaction, or the author has already removed you from the list or maybe after it has been completed you charged back or it got refunded.

    Always check the 'status' of the transaction.
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  7. I completely agree, there is no reason this should be public lol
  8. I think the OP posted because it's probably his first experience with his payment being investigated. We do get this sort of investigation "We're taking a closer look at this payment. It's required for some payments and normally takes up to 3 business days. Don’t ship until we tell you it's ok." from PayPal from time to time.
  9. Yeah, this is my first time experiencing this. I guess i'll wait a little while and take a look at my PayPal transaction.
  10. Just checked the status, it says it's completed.
  11. it still says "Pending" / "Under review" on my side.
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  12. If it’s pending / under review, call PayPal as the buyer during their business hours. It could literally be dozens of reasons. Speculating on the forum will get you nowhere.
  13. no need to call PayPal since when they finish their investigation, the buyer will know.

    Anyway, @Justforthefun your transaction is now completed and your download button is enabled, you can safely close this thread.
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  14. Okay :D
    Closing the thread now.
    Thanks for all the help to anyone to replied.
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