Solved I can only move through my servers through the /Server command

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  1. I am making a network, and all the servers are ready and I with / server can move through them, but when creating an element or putting an npc that executes the command does not take me to the survival server, it checked but I really do not know what I am failing, I need help





    I can move with the command /server but not in other ways
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    The /server command is a command that runs on BungeeCord, not your Spigot server so no Bukkit plugin will be able to execute that command directly. You'll either need a plugin that adds that command to Spigot or find out if the plugins you are trying to use have some special BungeeCord server switching support.
  3. I think deluxemenus can move players to bungee servers
    You can make a gui pop up when they click on the npc
  4. What would you recommend me to join the servers?
  5. Did you see my post
    Deluxe menus can specify a server on click
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  7. Ok try TrMenu
  8. thanks! I already solved it, I don't know why the other plugins didn't help me the truth. this was the one that really took me out of that predicament DeluxeHub 3
  9. thats cool
    you can mark the thread as solved :)