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    Here is the breakdown of the log and what stands out:
    1. "mtqfix-1.12.2-1.1.0" has no plugin.yml so that is causing the first error (lines 11-20) [Contact plugin developer]
    2. GroupManager failed to find two groups (lines 223 & 224) [Either create these groups or remove inheritance]
    3. The server warns that there is too much happening and that it can't keep up (line 730) [This means that too much is happening at once, either more CPU power or RAM is required at this point]
    4. BossShopPro finds errors in the configuration file (lines 738-741) [Fix the spelling errors]
    5. You seem to have a lot of plugins as well as running the latest version of Spigot (1.15) which requires more processing power than normal.
    Can you post your server specifications please? It seems to be crashing because there is too much happening for the server to deal with at once, and it seems that when MYBROSAVAGES connects to the server, just before the WatchDog thread report (lines 1139-end), it is the final straw and just crashes due to overloading.