Solved I can't build, but I have OP

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  1. Hi,

    today I saw that I can't build anything. I have OP. What's the problem? Last time I installed plugin called NoWeather, but I uninstalled it. I installed a new map (, but I delete it too.

    When I try to put a block, it's disappering immediately. List of plugins:
  2. My best guess is that one of your minigames plugins has designated that area as the arena, and it won't let anyone edit it. Check the configs of those plugins.

    If that doesn't work, disable your plugins 1 by 1 until it works
  3. Do you have the correct perms? If needed.
  4. Yes, Permissions are ok.
    I have OP, so that's very strange.
    Maybe something went wrong with Multiverse?

    I cant build everywhere!
  5. WorldGuard, is the global region configured to allow building?
  6. Where I can check this?

    Btw, WorldGuard is one of the firstly installed plugins. I really need to fix this.
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  7. Worldguard config. Learn how it works.
  8. I changed flag __global__ to: allow, but the same.

    Got it! It's caused by Lobby Compass. I will check the config of it.
  10. None of those look like they do anything regarding building, have you really confirmed that is the cause?
  11. Yes, i uninstalled IT and I can build after that.
  12. Go in to the server settings ( and check if "op-permission-level" is set to 4 and not less.
  13. Its already set, but the problem is Lobby Compass plugin. Which option is problematic?
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