I can't put crate keys in a kit

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  1. I have essentialsX and whenever I try to create a kit with a crate key in it and then try to claim the kit, it says the kit is "improperly defined." Then I got kit adder and tried to do the same thing, but now I can't even create kits. Please help!

  2. please provide some more info such as the file where the kits info are stored
  3. You can use a plugin called kitadder which gets your inventory and creates a kit with the things in your inventory,
  4. @Grixed he already tried but the OP hasn't responded in 24 hours so i guess he probbaly solved it by himself and had to need to come back to check the forums
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  5. Alright fair enough.
  6. No sorry I haven't had access to a computer in a little bit, but I have tried kit adder and it still doesn't work
  7. Sorry I haven't had access to a computer in a little bit and my files are in the kits.yml in my Essentials folder
  8. There is already a kit creator in essentialsX

    Code (Text):
    /createkit <kitname> <delay>
  9. Which Crate plugin do you use?
  10. I know so I used that one but it said the kit was improperly defined so instead I got kitadder
  11. I'm using CratesPlus I have to type this because my message is too short
  12. Never had to dealt with CratesPlus but can you make a video of you making a kit with the cratekey and show me what u need help with so it’s easier for me? I will use CratesPlus to see as well
  13. What plugins are you using? Make sure your kits plugin goes into NBT. This means it saves the item name and enchantments. If it does, then please show us your Console log. If not, find a kit plugin that does do those things.
  14. @SatproMC
    I don't use essentials anymore but it must have support for enchantments and names.
  15. It does. It should work. If you dont want to, I am pretty sure it is open source on a GNU license, you can use it for free in a custom plugin.
  16. I know the problem.
    The reason on why the Crate Keys dont work is because EssentialsX kit Creator cant make Kits correctly its horrible.
    Get this plugin and do /createkit (kitname) (delay) instead: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/kitadder.9231/

    Get a Speed 2 Potion and Create a Kit with it in your Inventory... It makes it into Speed 1 since the EssentialsX Kit Creator isn't setup properly since its verily new. Good luck with your Server :D
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  17. Yeah honestly essentials is trash when it comes to kits
  18. I have kitadder and I tried creating a kit with only a crate key in it and it wouldn't even show up on the server in /kit. But, it was on the config...?
  19. Would you mind showing us the kit created in the file? Also, instead of adding it as an item you can add a command that gives a key to the player as EssentialsX has this feature as far as I'm aware of.
  20. It’s something in the Crate Plugin folder. I recommend getting a different plugin... Unless you can figure it out but since I don’t know what Crate Plugin you are using I can’t help you. Good luck though! :D