I diddnt get given the download

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  2. EDIT: Please explain more about the situation, what download where you trying to recieve?
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  3. Try contacting the author if you actually haven't received it and I'm sure you can either sort it out with him or figure it out with spigot staff if the first option doesn't work.
  4. I'm sure the author would appreciate his email not being here.
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  5. Not explaining the problem / just giving us an image etc, if you post something perhaps use proper grammar and give a detailed explanation.


    I'm assuming you paid for this and were expecting a download link via email, you download the resource after paying by going to the resource's page and clicking download.
  6. Ok so i payed the plugin then where the download button is ment to be it still asks me to purchase it!
  7. Then a better thing to do would be to send that to [email protected] instead of posting it here.
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  8. Ty
  9. How long does it take for them to reply?
  10. You need to clean out your inbox :p

    Depends on when they (the staff) are online, can't imagine it being more than 48 hours. I would wait at least 24 hours though.
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  11. Hey matrick nice project mayhem work!
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  12. When your trying to download it are you signed into the account you purchased under?
  13. Yes in the confirmation email its under this account
  14. That's nothing: [​IMG]
  15. Would it maybe be a glitch in the system
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  16. That's a lot, I get that much in about a month but when I read an email I delete it unless it's important (like my mojang confirmation code, my windows 8.1 pro key, etc)
  17. I just haven't bothered to delete any emails xD My unread is: [​IMG]