I dont Know My Ip

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What Is My Server Ip

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  1. I Tryed My Regulare Server Ip And I dosent Work AnyMore Plz Help
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  3. i still give it to my firends and it still says cant reach server plz help
  4. Is your IP Port Forwarded?
  5. mine is portfaward and it still dosent work:(
  6. try typing in your ip for adding a server to multiplayer see if that works
  7. jtaylor69

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    Try doing a traceroute to yourself via a website.

    1. Go to http://network-tools.com/ by either clicking it or copying and pasting it into your browser address bar (the top bit that shows www.spigotmc.org)
    2. Tick trace route on the left (use mouse to click on the check box)
    3. Type in your IP address, using your keyboard (www.whatsmyip.org if you don't know it)

    If it does not show your IP address (used for networking) as the final result, then it's being blocked on the way.
    Possibly a misconfiguration (set up wrongly) or your router/modem (how you connect to the internet) may be blocking it (stopping you from connecting).
  8. on a website or were do you mean
  9. i portfaward already thou
  10. Make sure it is 25565 and it's set to TCP and UDP
  11. jtaylor69

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    Do as I said and report back whether it had worked or not.

    I'll simplify the post more.
  12. im the only one that can get on the server

  13. It Is
  14. Are you port forwarding with the right IP address? Not your external IP
  15. If you can't connect you did not port forward correctly. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+is+my+ip will always give you the correct IP address. Either you are mistyping it or you didn't port forward correctly.
  16. Make sure it's your IPV4 address and that you applied it. Then you give your friends you external IP
  17. cuse i use to have a server that was just craftbukkit then i got this thing called Bungeecord

    Then I tRYED tO gET mY fIREND oN aND iT Says Cant Reatch Server
  18. waits my exturnal ip and how do i apply my IP4 Address