I don't know what plugin to take..

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  1. Hello everybody! I have at present a problem at the level of the plugin which I have to choose... I have a server Bungeecord who connects in quite 4 servers, it is 4 servers will have well on a means of vote. Here is or is my problem, I know not at all which plugin set to have / vote is that it distributes the object won in the server or the person goes and not to the hub.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.
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  2. NuVotifier
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  3. I dont really get what do you want but maybe "Votifier" can help you.
    Votifier got a really simple API too
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  4. Thus quite our sites do not have necessarily votifier I do not know what set. I have Nuvotifier and I do not really know how to settle him I looked at some tutos to see but unsuccessfully.
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  5. You can use Votifier, but also use MultiServerVote really cool plugin. Love the features on the thing.
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