I don't understand the BungeeCord tutorial.

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  1. The title says it all. I don't understand step 4.
  2. 4. Create a new startup script to launch the the JAR:
    You need to create a start(.bat for windows, .sh for linux) file with the contents specified in the wiki.
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  3. How do I create a bash?
  4. .cmd*
    You create it by saving a file as start.cmd using notepad. (Disable the option that auto-adds .txt to the end)
  5. .bat*
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  6. bungee cord is dificult u should use paper spigot its gooder than spigot
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  7. What? Bungeecord does a different thing than PaperSpigot.
    And also, it isn't 100% better than spigot.

    As for the OP, You need to create a bat file.
    Here is an example:
    Create a new .txt file inside your Bungeecord folder.
    Copy this into it and replace stuff as you want.
    (Note: the @ and echo shouldn't have a space between them, I put one to not @ someone on the site.
    remove the space between them, or you can just remove echo off since it is not required)

    @ echo off

    java -Xms512M -Xmx512M -jar BungeeCord.jar

    Save the txt.
    Rename the txt and change the txt part to bat.
    If you can't, follow this guide I just found online and try again.
    If a warning pops up, just click yes.
    And now, when you open the bat file, it should start Bungeecord!
    You can stop it if you type "end".

  8. what say?
  9. .cake*

    get it right
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  10. i would hate to discourage you, but it appears you could be a little inexperienced; perhaps a Bungee network is a bit above your expertise for now. start with figuring out spigot a bit more in depth and then play around with integrating Bungee.

    otherwise you just launch the .jar as you would any other server, for example, using a start.bat or start.sh, depending if you're windows or unix respectively.

    if multicraft, you may need to setup a "custom jar". your host should be able to help if you can't figure that part out.

    make sure you follow the firewall guide and/or prevent players joining the servers using a plugin (at the very least)
  11. What do you mean by "what say"?
  12. U can also write java -jar JAR_NAME.jar through terminal to run BungeeCord
  13. Don't.
    You should be adding minimum & maximum memory parameters.
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  14. If you wish so, you can add these parameters.
    But still, you can start bungee with java -jar jar_name.jar:

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  15. It is possible, yes, but you shouldn't do it.
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  16. Just as a side note, if you don't understand the tutorial, how do you plan to make a network using said BungeeCord.

    If you can't get a start script with the information clearly there, it would be interesting to see the Spigot side of things.
  17. I think that this thread has just about been exhuasted.
    Should have been a 'start.bat' for Windows and 'start.sh' for Linux (without complicating matters).