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  1. Hi.

    Over the last few weeks (probably longer) there has been some discussion on poor quality reviews and different ways people deal with them.

    Since reporting bad/fake reviews adds work for resource moderators then that clearly is not a solution against this problem. Perhaps an automated solution would work better?


    My suggestion:
    • Useful review? Yes / No

      Addition of a text and two buttons to reviews (Similar to the Reply button, but for users that are not the resource author)

    • Automatically hide/delete a review if its score dips below a threshold

    Steam uses similar system for their game reviews, so I thought it might fit here. What do you think?
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  2. It seems like a great idea! It sure would be very useful. It'd make the relevant ones more seen so clients can see what others really think.
  3. I like the idea of this. I have seen many many website with this feature.
    As Alexendra said, the most useful reviews should pop up near the top.

    I'm not sure if Xenforo's resource manager has any option like this?!?! Might need to be custom written.
  4. Can we just have steams entire review system instead?
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  5. probably custom
  6. This is a great idea, even if someone who's pissed off downvotes it, it shouldn't affect it that much.
  7. Choco


    Actually, yea. One of the few suggestions to improve the resource system that I actually agree with. The issue being:
    It would likely have to be custom made, unfortunately.

    EDIT: After a quick browse on the XenForo resources, I can't find anything.
  8. Steam review system as a whole is pretty good though
  9. If only xenforo had that feature :(
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  10. Perhaps someone with php knowledge can do that xenforo plugin? I agree. But as optic fusion said, why not taking the whole steam reviews here?
  11. What kind of issues are there with custom xenforo add-ons?
  12. Making them without knowledge about how do to them is hard?
  13. Choco


    and making them with knowledge is expensive and time consuming. Not to mention maintenance. Gotta remember that nothing comes for free.
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  14. yeah of course :)
  15. Perfectly logical. Can't say no to this.
  16. Choco


    Hypothetically, if this were to be added, it should be made clear that the "Useful Review" would not be visible to the author themselves. Playing devil's advocate, this also poses some loopholes in moderation as well. How can we be sure that these aren't being swayed by a resource's users in a quid pro quo? "Rate all reviews as helpful and I'll give you a free plugin!" or "Rate all negative reviews as unhelpful and you get a special role in my Discord!". It sounds silly but is that something we're really able to enforce or even verify? Should we be enforcing that or should the market be deciding that?
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  17. It is a valid concern, but I think that it could be taken into account while designing the addition - To not add any extra incentives for authors to do such things, like not notifying the author of review ratings and anonymizing who thinks the review is useful (if told at all that is).

    One possible way of further preventing quid pro quo would be to limit usage of the feature to users that have yet to download the resource, or limiting the amount of votes a user has per resource. I don't know how that would affect the viability of the feature though, or how widespread quid pro quo is in general (In current review system for example)

    I tried to find some research on skewed review prevention, but unfortunately "review" is used quite differently in literature
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  18. Choco


    This is likely the best approach :) Would at least prevent any tit-for-tat because the author wouldn't know who to "reward".
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  19. But can't they log out and see it then? It should be also be hidden for guests.
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  20. If it’s a premium resource and you’re logged out, you can’t see the resource altogether, forget about it being just the reviews.