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  1. Hello SpigotMC Community,

    So my friend linked me to 2 90k+ YouTubers that he says would probably both record on my server for me but there is one problem. Both of the YouTubers themselves speak English but most of their fans don't. So, where do I go here? My server is an English server and everything is English and if I have non English speaking players on it, that won't be good. My friend also linked me to a YouTuber that has 95k Subscribers but he is less likely to accept making a video on my server. What should I do?

    Thank You.
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  2. Well, if it isn't going to be beneficial to you, you shouldn't waste your time and money (assuming they aren't free recordings). If the 95k one is English, you could at least try. The worst that could happen is he says no.

    Alternatively, you could teach yourself and your whole server a second language.
  3. You can use a resource that hooks into google translate to translate all of chat for players who speak a certain language.
  4. I have found this resource:
    But it doesn't translate chat due to my chat plugin being json and custom.
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  5. That plugin doesnt work on 1.8 servers, only on servers 1.9-1.11 I've used it too AND it required protocol lib.

    You can always use via backwards on 1.11 and just switch to 1.8 pvp
  6. I'd go for it. Players are players, didems if they don't speak english. This is a really good oppurtunity, don't waste it.
  7. May you contact me regarding the 2 90 youtubers, Might be interested In Hirng them.
  8. //offtopic

    How the fuck did you get 90k+ yters willing to record for free?
  9. It's called friends I think, I once saw it on google. Never really had one as you know who needs friends when you have minecraft.

    All jokes aside, maybe he owed him something or they are good friends.
  10. Oh Kappa
  11. Since you've got custom plugins; use @BlackyPaw 's I18N translator api.