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  1. I wang to create a redstone server.I also want to allow structureblock.But there is 2 problems.
    1.If a player don't have op,they can't place structureblock.
    2.If a player make the structureblock through the plot,they can destroy other plot.(image: https://www.picb.cc/image/kODd28)
    If you know how to solve it please tell me,thanks.
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  2. The image isn't loading and if you want more people to click on that, upload it to a more popular website.
  3. please give me a website.i don't know one. thanks
  4. 1. Structure blocks, by design, are made for server operators. It usually requires the user to know file names inside of a structures folder. Though I haven't really used them all that much I have toyed around with them a little.

    2. Use of structure blocks are not limited to the players location where they can build, it places or breaks blocks where ever they are told to. Why not use something like WorldEdit with block change restrictions? Usually WorldEdit is limited to their plot when you have a plots plugin installed.

    3. ??? I don't see a third prompt to respond to.
  5. It's a good idea.I dialed the wrong number. There's no third question,sorry,