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  1. OK so i know this is probably not where it should go (im sorry)

    i have been looking for about the past 4 hours for a plugin that would do this but cannot so here it is hope you like it

    so my idea is a crook it would be cool to have a plugin that made the Hoe tool work as a crook as well
    destroying leafs in a 3x3 area while retaining its ability to still hoe that soil daily with maybe a boost to saplings \ apples the sky is the limit :)

    there are a lot of plugins that are like Tree Capitator and cut the leafs too but it would be nice to have a item in this case that only cut the leafs but faster then the shears and gave you the saplings not blocks with a boost to saplings \ apples

    this is just a base idea feel free to add your own ideas :) ps if anyone does anything with this id love to see it thanks

    sorry staff for posting in the wrong place
  2. It's a very simple plugin, I'll be happy to do this for you. I'll contact you soon with the hoe that breaks leaves in a 3x3 area
  3. If you know that this post shouldn't go here that's all the more reason not to post it here. its like saying I'm breaking the rules and know I'm breaking the rules.
  4. I consider myself a good programmer and do not find it fun to program most of the time.
  5. You must have read the first word of the quote if you had gotten the message out of it... "most"
  6. that is very nice of you thanks :)

  7. i think its the opposite xD
  8. Finished the plugin, you can download it here as soon as the staff approves the resources, for now it's extremely barebones but if you want a permission node to enable / disable the effect, I'll be happy to add it in.
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