i have a question about citizen plugin.

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  1. i have a other question about citizen plugin.
    /npc skin (-c -l(atest)) [name] (or -t [uuid/name] [date] [signature]),
    What mean [date] and [signature].
  2. i want make some npc‘s skin fixed. Some players will change their skin in the future,then,In the game, the skin of NPC will change accordingly.
    this common may can fixed npc's skin. but i dont know how to do.
  3. I don't know how it works exactly, but data and signature are those huge lines of text that somehow create an image. If you've given yourself a custom head in game before, you'll probably know what I'm talking about. According to the wiki, it shouldn't update the skin unless you put -l. However, if it does still update or you really need to use data/signature, you can use something like mineskin:

    Website: https://wiki.citizensnpcs.co/Skins
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  4. thanks