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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by guigarciazinho, Jun 1, 2017.

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  1. Hello, I want to make the npc that I generated turn a "real" player, as in the / npc playerlist command, using the citizens API


    I can already generate npc the right way, I just cannot make it real
  2. what have you done so far?
    what do you want to know?
    about your plugin or about how to use the plugin if so you may use the Spigot Plugin Help.
  3. So far I've been able to generate npc with names and skins I wanted.
    I want to turn it into a real player using some API method I could not figure out what it is, something like npc.setPlayer (). A method that does the same thing as the /npc playerlist command
  4. You would have to change the NPC's UUID to the player's UUID that has the desired skin. For example, if I want to spawn an NPC with the name "Test" to have the skin of Notch, you would do the following: createNPC(EntityType.PLAYER, Notch's UUID HERE, id, "Test");

    So if you have a player in game already you can do player.getUniqueID() and player.getDisplayName()
  5. Not that, my bad English has made it worse.

    I want to transform the NPC generated with the citizens API into a real player, so that it keeps loading chunks
Thread Status:
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